Three Ways Towards Threat-Focused Container Security with CYR3CON

1. Identify threats to container infrastructure

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CYR3CON’s threat-intelligence driven CyRating® for Docker vulnerability CVE-2019-14271 and Kubernetes vulnerability CVE-2019-11245 as they change over time.

Know when there is a viable threat to Kubernetes or Docker infrastructure that drives upgrade or mitigation.

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2. Find ignored threats in your instances

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Integrate with vulnerability scanners like Qualys and Clair to pinpoint the vulnerabilities in your images for which hackers are currently developing attacks.

Russian and Chinese posts on a Linux kernel vulnerability receiving a medium rating by NIST CVSS. The vulnerability is exploited in the wild - exploit code is widely available.

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3. Integrate Intelligence

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Integrate intelligence into your CICD workflow to identify and prevent the deployment of containers that contain vulnerabilities hackers are targeting.

CYR3CON’s Python SDK, GitHub plug-in, and REST-based API enable integration into most workflows. This prevents the deployment of threatened containers based on real-time intelligence from the hacker communities.

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Watch the video from our CEO, Paulo Shakarian, and learn how to get ahead of threats against your cloud infrastructure.

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