How Your Vulnerability Management Teams Can Do More With Less

Turn the tables on the attackers while conserving resources.

The age of COVID-19, the CISO is under a lot of pressure. The pandemic has heralded an era of compressed budgets, competing IT priorities – and rising cyber attacks. The security team must keep the enterprise safe from attacks, but they are also a budgetary target. Let’s face it, most enterprises still regard security as a cost center. The expensive breaches that a savvy CISO has prevented the firm from experiencing are never considered in the financial model.

This is why we introduce our new e-book Do More With Less. If you can use intelligence to drive vulnerability management, you end up placing resources where they are most needed to prevent breaches. The pandemic has brought around a new series of attacks: DNS poisoning of home routers, VPN exploits for ransomware, and of course phishing to name a few. Most of these attacks are avoidable – and it’s all about allocating resources in a way to best render the hacker’s tool ineffective. Check out the e-book to learn how to turn the tables on the attackers while conserving resources.

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